CCTV Solutions

Our specialty is the design of CCTV solutions for high end commercial and industrial sectors. We use a mix of the most current best in class cameras, lens, lighting, hardware and software components in our security systems. This makes our CCTV solutions the most capable on the market and protecting and securing your property.

Our CCTVsolution has been servicing the market in Cambodia.And we pride ourselves on open communication, effective planning, decisive action, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent products that include all types of Surveillance Systems. Specially, our engineers have a lot of experience with Security Installation, and we can customize a CCTV solution to fit your needs precisely.

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Our Network Solutions

ISP Network Infrastructure Solution

With the growing complexity and scalability of networks, Internet Service Provider (ISP) network administrators face a multitude of challenges in optimizing their network services while reducing the cost of network investments. UMT provides a full range of consultancy for network backbone design, installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, infrastructure security and performance-monitoring solution for ISPs to address their needs.

Wireless Backhaul Solution

whether you are a telecom service provider, a local or state government, an enterprise, industry or a military organization, we will provide satisfying the insatiable demand for more speed, more connectivity and more service requirement backhaul communication links to interconnect your network locations.

HotSport and Wiressless Solution

Wireless networks are everywhere. Now most laptops are shipped with a wireless connection as standard. Wireless networks are enabling new flexible ways of working and conducting business that were not possible before. Not only can people work where they want, but they can also keep in touch while they are on the move. Wireless hotspots are springing up all over the world. They are typically located in areas where travellers need to wait or want to take a break. These include but are not limited to: motorway service areas, railway stations, airport lounges, hotel lounges, coffee shops and Internet cafes.

Anyone with a broadband connection and a wireless device can set up an open wireless area. The key to a successful wireless hotspot is to make sure only paying guests can gain access. The larger hotspot operators are using billing mechanisms similar to those used for mobile phones: either pre-paid or billed monthly. But unlike mobile phones, few roaming agreements have been put in place which means these accounts are only valid at hotspots supported by individual operators.

A more flexible billing mechanism is to sell access by the hour or minute. At the point of sale, a ticket is issued with the appropriate login details. The users enter these details when they connect to the wireless gateway and can use the facilities for the amount of time purchased. This simple method only requires a few moments of a staff member time to issue a ticket from the point-of sale ticket printer. It means any user can access the system and they only pay for what they need.

FTTH Solutions

It is a Triple Play solution and is one of the most widely used terms in the industry. However, the key to realizing it is in the ability to bring the solution together at the core network, which is the advantage of FTTH solutions. As part of the Triple Play (voice, data and video) offering, we also provides a seamless migration path to future converged mobile offerings as the video part of the network solution offering is a streaming based architecture and design.